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Bluewater Owners Around the world

Image of Bluewater 2350 model boat by Bluewater Boats.
Robert Hawley

Compared several of the highest quality 23-25' center consoles, but after 17 years & 1700+ hrs to include several Bahama trips I always trust my 2350 to get me home safe even in unpredictable Atlantic storms.

Model 2350
Bryan Connley
Owner of Connley Fishing based in West Palm Beach

We started out with the 2550 Bluewater. We caught everything you can imagine on that boat from hundreds of Mahi, lots of Kingfish, Sailfish, and even a Blue Marlin.
We ran the 2550 boat across to the Bahamas multiple times, and really enjoyed some of the Bluewater rendezvous, giving us a chance to meet many other proud Bluewater owners.
I remember selling that boat a couple years ago and watching it drive away on the trailer and my wife and I were very very sad to see it leave. Such a perfect boat!

Model 2850
Image of a Bluewater Boat model boat.
Image of Bluewater 2350 model boat by Bluewater Boats.
Ben Choi

We chose the 2350 Bluewater because it had the best ride in its class while offering the ability to carry a significant amount of scuba tanks and gear in the front fish box. We are continually impressed by the ride quality, fishability, and build quality of the 2350 Bluewater as we put this little boat through several tournaments a year

Model 2350
Casey Hampson

e loved that they are locally made and use high quality components. You could just tell the difference when you closed the hatches on a Bluewater that they were well made and used quality hinges, latches, ect.  Other boats we looked at always had a “cheap” feel about them when compared to a Bluewater.  I also personally loved Bluewater’s use of space and lack of silly frills that are difficult to clean. Everything on a Bluewater had purpose and used the space perfectly.  As the person who cleans the boat, that was very important to me.

Model 2550
Image of Bluewater 2550 model boat by Bluewater Boats.